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CRM & Business Ideas

Only 22% of organisations using non-mobile CRM have met their sales targets, as opposed to 65% of businesses using mobile CRM solutions. Successful CRM implementations have helped businesses improve revenue by 29%.

Price Point > $250+

Consultation > 15min-4h+

Development > 2-120days

Relationship Management
Track every interaction with your existing and potential customers. Keep the conversation flowing and send quotes, invoices & proposals directly from the CRM, get paid online.
Marketing Campaigns
Create powerful campaigns to targeted segments of existing or prospective customers, create mail or SMS broadcasts. Set up email sequencing to track, target and respond to every move your prospective customers make.
eWallet & Payment Solutions

With our global payment systems connected to your eWallet or your website you can seamlessly transact from anywhere on any-device with numerous payment options to accelerate and simplify the way your business gets paid.

eWallet Payments – with all in one simplified technology, the eWallet allows for stored value currency, a virtual vault of your personal cards and memberships, Identity and KYC level security as well as QR Connect technology to “Future proof” your business!

Increase your web traffic and conversations with solutions designed to get you on the shortlist of your target or audience, community groups, business groups, and potential customers.

Communication Channels

Let customers and prospects enjoy easy communication to buy through their favourite communication platform, whether it’s by Telephone, Facebook, Instagram or other channels and watch your sales sore.

Customer Projects

Keep a tight grip on your client’s projects or service deliveries. Keep everyone on the same page with tasks, workflow automation and notifications so nothing falls through the cracks and ensures you delight your customers.


Glue your customers, members or employee’s to your business with the power of our magnetic loyalty, reward solutions, and fact: Loyal customers are worth up to 10x more after they make their first sale. A loyal employee is a productive employee and stabilises other employees.

Brand Ideas

Consistency in your brand presentation can boost your income by up to 23% across all channels. The best brand names are composed of words or acronyms in 72% of cases. Companies with bad business branding pay 10% higher salaries than those Companies with consistent branding.

Price Point > $250+

Consultation > 15min-4h+

Development > 2-120days

Logo & Brand Identity

Enjoy a new or refreshed logo or icon design thats unique and expresses who your and sets you apart from your competitors and communicates with your target audience. Create a new colour pallet to refresh your brand look, feel and identity, Explore what works for you and your customers with a modern, creative, classic or contemporary design. We harness the power of brand identity to magnify your positioning, your story and market identity. We will provide you with the consistency of your brand to better communicate with your; customers, members, investors or shareholders or employees.

Digital Design
Promote your brand from all angles with digital assets and marketing collateral to support your target audience from detailed: Online brochures, Banner Ads, Infographics, Pitch Deck, Presentations, Email Design, Social Media Design.
Personal & Family Crest Designs

Create a one-of-a-kind bespoke family crest logo for you, your family, or your own estate. A one-of-a-kind design that highlights your unique story and can be applied to any of your home, lifestyle, business, or personal estate assets. We can create anything from a one-of-a-kind coat of arms to a magnificent, customised emblem logo design. We work with you to incorporate each aspect of your story into your design so it becomes timeless, and the assets it is used for becoming heirlooms to your future estate.

Print Design
With our beautiful, professional print design and high-quality printing, you can create amazing business cards, letterhead, brochures, and signage that your clients will love and your competition will envy.

Web Ideas

Research experts estimate that 60% of consumers won’t make purchases from SMB websites that appear stale or uncared for, with a quarter of these consumers blaming outdated or neglected websites. If it felt like six months had passed since anything had been updated, 30% of users said they would click away right away.

Price Point > $250+

Consultation > 15min-4h+

Development > 2-120days

Business & eCommerce
With 14+ years experience in website project development our goal is to showcase the best version of you and your business and keep customers coming back for more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your sales revenue. Customers want the option to buy online whether its a simple one-off transaction, recurring purchase or manage their ongoing monthly subscriptions.

Website for Personal Profile
With our personal branding websites, you can showcase the best version of you. Create an excellent way to set expectations, display your greatest work, guide new visitors to engage with you from; a specific community, business sector, or target audience anywhere in the world.
At GoLive Id, we’ve designed a WordPress hosting service that we use ourselves. From blazing fast page speeds on super-secure infrastructure to ensure your uptime is guaranteed, combine our teams knowledgeable support, and user-friendly solutions and we provide you with the peace of mind while you sleep your business is online 24/7/365
Choose the most relevant domain for your business. Find the correct name to make it easier for others to locate you. Select from a variety of domain name extensions. Set up email addresses, email aliases, and email forwarding.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Increase your web traffic and conversations with solutions designed to get you on the shortlist of your target or audience, community groups, business groups, and potential customers.
Web3 Transition

Plan your transition – If you’re considering making the transition to Web3 but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve arrived at a safe space with a team that can help you unpack the truth and reality of what real opportunities are available to support your business or build your proposed project.

Pick your project – whether you’re working on a blockchain project, a utility token project, smart contract, Web3 strategy management, NFT creation or selection, or creating your own virtual/metaverse real estate, we are your one-stop-shop for Web3 transition and assistance.

Research, Ideas, Action – We work with you to identify the potential for the project you want to work on. We do the research we provide the additional ideas and we help you take the appropriate action steps to get the outcome you’re looking for. Our consultative process, leaves nothing to chance. It follows best practice and ensures you’re working with the best of the best for the project you want to execute.



We will listen to your needs, isolate the ideas you want to work with, provide creative suggestions around design and technology to exceed your expectations.